Online Nuans Name Search


NUANS name search is an automated engine that can compare proposed business names or corporations with trademarks or other existing companies in the database. This lets you see the similarities between the proposed name and known names in the database. Once the comparison is completed and you have a list of possible names that you could make available. To further consider, the suggested names are sent to you. If you think the names suggested are not appropriate, you may choose to choose to reject them or suggest alternatives. After the selection process is complete, the suggested names are reviewed. Final approval for the suggested names will be announced after the second round of reviews.

Businesses and individuals often decide to incorporate in both provincial and federal legislation. But, different jurisdictions have different definitions about what constitutes’residents. Businesses frequently need to determine whether they must incorporate in one or another area. This makes the role of the qualified attorney who is experienced in both federal and provincial incorporation laws, extremely crucial. Because of the different requirements between the two jurisdictions, attorneys who are qualified should be familiar with each jurisdiction’s requirements for incorporation.

If the suggested name is similar to any existing Canadian corporation incorporation usually follows the same procedure that includes submitting a written notification of designation of corporation, fulfilling prescribed requirements and submitting the necessary documents to provincial offices. The suggested names may differ from Canadian corporations. If so further steps are necessary to permit the formation of the corporation. One of those steps is incorporation in the province where the business is located. Another step is to file a provincial application. This process can be made easier by using the name-searching technology of Nuans. The technology suggests names of businesses within the region that might result in better matches to incorporate.

The search is the next step. The search can be conducted on the internet by visiting several websites. Sometimes, initial searches for names might require additional information, like the registration of the business name and the domain name. The search engine will assist you in determining whether the domain name is in use.

If there’s more than one match leading to the most appropriate name for incorporation (for example two companies are prepared to operate as Nuans), then further steps may be necessary. Name searches that are preliminary need additional data to be submitted. Based on the number of websites that are compared, the name search may take a while. The submission of registrations for business names and other information usually requires at least four to six working days to complete depending on the speed of searches as well as the number of websites involved.

After this initial stage is completed, you can make use of the advanced search options of Nuans to search for company names. There are a variety of methods to locate the perfect match. A name for a business that is in availability will be shown once the preliminary plans search is completed. Companies can register their business names using the provided details to ensure that they’re ready to start their business within the shortest amount of time. Sometimes, it is possible to include your business address as well as your first name when you submit details.

The information on the online form can also be cross-checked against data from the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development to ensure that the corporate name registered is correct. This crucial step guarantees the authenticity of the business name on the Ontario register and prevents it from being confused with another registered business name. A report on business name searches which makes use of provincial searchable databases is also available to businesses when creating an Ontario corporate registry or updating the existing registry.

After all the required information and steps are completed, the name registered will be shown in the search results. To see contact details and an image of the exact address of the office, click on the name. The type of search performed and the degree of detail needed will impact the outcomes. When conducting an online search for names entrepreneurs can save time and effort in locating the ideal name for their new venture.